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Antique Silver Fan
The "Tree of Life"
The "Eternal Knot"
The popular silver tassel
The ever so lovely Lotus Flower
The Sterling silver Angel Wing
The round 'double happiness' charm
The pretty dragonfly, butterflies and unicorn
The square 'double happiness' charm
The Sterling silver Hamsa Hand
Gold charms and pendants
Starfish charm, shell charm, dolphin charm, flip flop charm, whale tail charm

We have a lot of fabulous charms to choose from like our The Oriental Fan (the only charm in the collection which is Antique Silver); perfect on a bracelet, as earrings, on key-chains and as a pendant on a necklace.

The meaningful 'Tree of Life' is stunning, as too is the Eternal Knot (top right). The tassel is very popular, our Lotus Flower is so so beautiful and the Angel Wing is a bestseller.

We have the round and square 'Double Happiness' charm and the significant Dragonfly charm which represents change. There are numerous 'love' charms, varying from the Chinese character for Love, bulbous and flat hearts, double happiness love hearts and a large 'Je t'aime' charm.

Other Asian charms are the Chinese coin, the Buddha and the Chinese character for 'Luck'. 

We have a stunning cross, busy bees, elephants, butterflies, little feet, a shoe, the infinity symbol, the popular Hamsa Hand, various Filigree designs, a star (or starfish), shells, dolphins, a flip flop charm and more!

If you're looking for gold charms, we have a few 14k gold filled charms (a few are showcased on the bottom row in the middle), so please ask us and we'll send you photos of what we have. Thanks. 

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