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Silver necklaces, Pearl necklaces, 14k gold filled necklaces
Sterling silver necklaces
Sterling silver earrings
Sterling silver and 14k gold filled anklets

We've designed so many necklaces and earrings and as there are endless variations, we haven't showcased them all here, but if there's anything you're after which you can't see, please ask!

As you may know, you can create your own design, so if you'd like earrings with the Chinese Character for Love charm for example, which you may have seen on our 'Charms' page, you can, and if you'd like a stone or two (or more) in the mix, and/or a birthstone, you can.

It's your design and it's really fun creating something unique.

If you enjoy doodling and would prefer to send us a doodle with your design, we welcome scribbles!


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