925 Sterling silver string bracelet

3mm HK$195, 4mm HK$215, 6mm, HK$255 and 8mm HK$295

925 Sterling silver string bracelet with stones intermittently placed 

3mm HK$205, 4mm HK$225, 6mm, HK$265 and 8mm HK$305

925 Sterling silver bracelet with beads all the way around

3mm HK$260, 4mm HK$280, 6mm HK$320 and 8mm HK$360

925 Sterling silver bracelet with beads & stones all the way around

3mm HK$280, 4mm HK$310, 6mm HK$340 and 8mm HK$380

925 Sterling silver charms HK$80 - HK$120

14k gold filled charms - HK$100

Swarovski crystal birthstone charms - HK$80 (rhodium plated)

Swarovski crystal birthstone charms - HK$110 (gold plated)

14k gold filled string bracelet

3mm HK$280, 4mm HK$300 and 7mm HK$360

14k gold filled bracelet with beads all the way around

3mm HK$355, 4mm HK$395 and 7mm HK$410

14k gold filled bracelet with beads & stones all way around 

3mm HK$375 & 4mm HK$405

Stone string bracelets

3mm HK$210, 4mm HK$220, 6mm HK$240 & 8mm HK$260

Stone bracelets with stones all the way around

3mm HK$275, 4mm HK$285, 6mm HK$305 & 8mm HK$315

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Our jewellery is placed into our gorgeous custom made black bags but if you'd like it packaged in something a little bit different, we have authentic dim sum steamers from the local gentlemen who still hand make them which look fab. They're HK$80 for a 10cm diametre steamer, HK$60 for 8cm, HK$50 for 7cm and HK$40 for 6cm (subject to availability). 

Our dim sum box packaging


If you're in Discovery Bay, we can try to meet you and hand-deliver your order, otherwise there's it's HK$20 for registered mail or HK$32 for Courier Post. For any orders over HK$1000, we'll absorb the postage within Hong Kong (for regular packaging, excluding the dim sum packaging), oh, and the dim sum boxes can't be mailed via Courier Post.

We mail internationally too and have sent our gorgeous jewellery all over the world; to the UK, New Zealand, America, Australia and France.



To place an order, please either email us or message us via our Facebook. page and if you'd like any ideas for inspiration, please go to our Photo page, or check out our Instagram pics. We ask for 50% deposit upon ordering either via HSBC, PayPal (additional PayPal surcharge) or PayMe, and the balance is requested prior to sending unless we're delivering your order by hand, when we'll accept cash on delivery. 

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