If you haven’t heard of Lava Diffuser Jewellery, you have now!


The porous beads made from lava stone have become a bit of a fashion trend over the last few years and we’re happy to announce that they’re now part of the UJJ Collection.


Lava stone is one of the oldest and most frequently found stones around the world and as its name suggests, comes from the core of the earth. Because of its raw energy known for its grounding and calming healing properties, it’s also perfect for essential oil diffusing.


The lava diffuser beads are perfect for necklace and bracelet designs and you can use as many as you like, on their own, or with other beads or stones, so start getting creative!


Here’s what people who have bought similar bracelets say:


“Gave this to my daughter who deals with anxiety and she says it really does help! That is more than I could have asked for”


“She claims that she is calmer when she wears it”


“Love the bracelet. My son suffers from severe ADHD and his teachers said the oils and diffuser bracelet are helping him to stay calm and focused at school”


“My son was worried about kids making fun of him for wearing it. He says most of them want one now. He loves his bracelet and asks for his oils!”

16" Sterling silver necklace with a 6mm Lava Bead Stone - HK$210

18" Sterling silver necklace with a 6mm Lava Bead Stone - HK$240

Lava Bead string bracelet with five Lava Beads (and the string colour of your choice) - HK$150

If you'd like a different design; more Lava Beads on the necklace, or a combination of Sterling silver, stones and Lava Beads on the necklace or bracelet, or even an elasticized bracelet, please ask and we'll give you a quote. There's also the option of Lava Bead earrings, so design away! 

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