Here are just a few photos of our earrings, anklets, rings and necklaces, and please know that you can choose any stones and any charm(s) and design your own!


HK$290 - HK$390


16" Sterling silver necklace - HK$160

18" Sterling silver necklace - HK$180

16" gold neckace - HK$210

18" gold necklace - HK$250



925 Sterling silver 2mm anklet with a small charm - HK$305

925 Sterling silver 3mm anklet with a small charm - HK$335

14k gold filled 3mm anklet - HK$350


925 Sterling silver 3mm ring with one stone - HK$108

14k gold filled 3mm ring with one stone - HK$138.

The Bauhinia
The pretty Chinese Lock charm
Just simply divine
Gold filled necklace with freshwater pearls
'Double Happiness' earrings
The stunning silver Chinese Junk
The Mother of Pearl / 18k gold plated Whale Tail
The stunning Pink Jade
The beautiful silver bee
Pretty moonstone and Pink Opal earrings
2mm 925 Sterling silver anklet
Sterling silver charms and the exquisite birthstone
The beautiful Asian Inspired Pendant with the Swarovski crystal birthstone
The stunning 'double happiness'...
The 'double happiness' earrings...
The beautiful pearl earrings
Swarovski crystal earrings
The Oriental Fan...
The Pink Jade stones
Sterling silver earrings with the birthstone of your choice
Our new Turquoise stone
The Mother of Pearl / 18k gold plated Whale Tail
Silver and Onyx
Amazonite, Pink Jade & Chinese Jade
Pretty 2mm silver bead with the infinity knot
The pretty flip flop and starfish
The 2mm 925 Sterling silver anklet
Perfect for any ankle!
14k gold filled anklet
A very happy customer!
Our stunning ring design
Silver and gold
Classic Jade and Fan design
The Tourmaline droplet necklace
So pretty!
925 Sterling silver tassel earrings
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